SuperKey2011tm  Installation Instructions
Single User
1. Insert the installation disk into a CD drive. The installation program should start automatically. If not go to ‘Manually Starting Install’.
2. You will be prompted for basic information about the installation. Enter the information that is appropriate for your computer system.
3. The installation program will prompt you for an installation drive and directory. You may use the default location of C:\SuperKey2011 or change it to suit your specific needs.
4. The program will then be installed. A shortcut will be placed on your desktop to help you start SuperKey quickly.
Starting The Program:
1. Either double click the SuperKey icon on your desktop or click Start -> Program Files -> LockShop Software -> SuperKey 2011.
2. The program will appear on your desktop. Note - SuperKey 2011 will default to demo mode when it is first installed. You must register the program for it to be fully released.
Registering The Program:
1. Start the program.
2. Click Help on the top menu, then click Register.
3. Complete the registration form and send it to LockShop Software by any of the supported methods, email (directly from the program), fax or mail. To fax or mail your registration the program will save the registration information to a file in your installation directory. Use your word processor to print the file - ‘Order.txt’ then fax or mail the registration.
4. Alternately, you can cut and paste the registration codes into an email. The codes are located at the lower left corner of the registration window.
5. Once we receive your registration information we will return the release codes to you via the method of your choice.
Manually Starting Install:
1. Insert the installation disk into a CD drive.
2. Open ‘My Computer’ to show all available drives.
3. Right click the CD drive icon containing the installation disk. You should see an icon of keys.
4. Select ‘View’ from the menu.
5. Left click the ‘SuperKey2011.exe’ file. The installation should start. Then, refer to the general installation instructions.
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