Standard View
The most commonly used view of a master key system.  Here you see all of the key bittings one page at a time.  Optionally, you can show or hide the pages sub-masters Rows and Blocks.  Information about each key bitting can be entered directly in this view.  Additionally, you can record keys cut for each key bitting and track in-use and out-use dates for each key bitting.


Block View
The Block view was added in the most recent version.  This view displays a master key system as it would have been hand written on a master keying class worksheet.  For those who have taken a class or two will be familiar, if not, more comfortable with the Block view.  In the Block view information is edited in a pop-up entry dialog.  Also, this view allows the Column master to be displayed and edited.


Masters View
The Masters view displays all of the page masters in the master key system.  And, depending on the number of master levels the upper masters are also displayed.  All master key bittings can be directly edited on-screen just like the key bittings.  This view is used to assign master key groupings for more complicated master key systems.


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