SuperKeytm is the most complete and comprehensive master keying software available today.  With SuperKeytm you can design and manage an unlimited number of master key systems.  You can create systems for most lock manufacturers including removable core, Medeco, Medeco Bi-Axial and ASSA.

Here are some of the features that you will find in SuperKey 2000tm.

Multiple Key Sections Add keyways as masters or changes. You can expand systems to get the extra bittings you need.
1 - 5 Master Levels Design your systems with up to 5 levels of masters plus row and block masters.
3 - 7 Pin Chambers Work with locks using from 3 to 7 chambers. Padlocks, cabinet locks to Best removable core.
Selectable Rotation Order Easily enter a rotation order to match an existing master key system. Hold chambers as constants or even select a rotation randomly.
Constant Chambers Pin chambers can be held as constants during design to add pick resistance to the locks in your master key system.
Key Bitting Array (KBA) You can alter the KBA to match an existing master key system or to maximize placement of keys within your master key system.
Maison Keying The Maison keying utility lets you create any number of groups on-screen.  A pinning chart for the maison keyed lock is displayed and updated as you add / remove key bittings in the group.
Cross Keying The program supports an unlimited number of cross key groups. Incidental / phantom keys are automatically tagged.
Medeco / Medeco Bi-Axial Medeco (L-C-R) and Medeco Bi-Axial (K-B-Q-M-D-S) are fully supported.
Assa Assa reverse pin numbers and lettered driver pins are fully supported.
Removable Core All brands of removable core locks are supported. Arrow, Best (A2 A3 A4), Corbin/Russwin, Medeco, Sargent & Yale.
Construction Keying Construction key bittings are computed automatically. You only have to indicate which chambers are prepared for the ball-bearings.
ITL Key Machine Support Sending information to your ITL machine is as easy as clicking your mouse. Even Bi-Axial information is downloaded to your ITL. Just press CUT.
Architectural Reference Labels All architectural information can be changed or updated to meet your needs. Simply enter the new information and all of your records are updated.
Add / Update Manufacturers The programs open architecture allows you to add new lock manufacturers at any time. You can even update existing information to suit your needs.
Full Text Search Locate key records at any time. Search any or all data fields for a word grouping or a single word.
Load Up To 10 Systems Up to 10 master key systems can be loaded at one time. You can move from system to compare or copy information. Great for a busy shop.
Cut / Copy / Paste You can cut, copy and paste information from within fields, whole key records or groups of records. Even from one master key system to another.
Design Wizard Create master key systems step by step.  The new Design Wizard walks you through the creation of master key systems on item at a time.  Most items can also be chosen by using the built-in random generators.
Fully Customizable Views You can customize the program views to suit you. Display colors and formats can be selected.
Remember View The view, last page and key bitting number can be saved for each master key system allow you to start a master key system right where you left off.  A big time saver if you need to go back to a particular system often.
View Bittings By Page And Master View a system page or masters. A page shows a page master and all of it's change keys. Masters shows you groups of pages up to the top master.
Easy On Screen Data Entry All key bitting data is entered directly on-screen. You simply click on a bitting and start entering the information. Changes are just as easy.
On Screen Pinning Charts No need to print out a report if you only need to see a pinning chart. With the on screen pinning chart you can view either the bittings or the actual pin depths.
Many Reports The program comes packed with many reports. Informational, bitting and pinning reports can be selected for one or all bittings.


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